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I don't know why but I do look this world as an Object Oriented Program and what I find is that the creator is a great System Analyst... He made various classes and interfaces... Everything in this world is an object of their relevant classes... I am an object of Homo Sapience class and am strictly private, public on times, and objects know that my friend functions are restricted to only few special objects(they are really very special to me)... Some people think that I am very buggy and some don't, but what I say is - it is almost impossible to debug me, because bugs are not always dangerous, but they generates some random features dynamically !!!


Tuesday, January 19, 2016

"My Bliss" an old shot, just post-processed today... Taken by Nikon P90 in Jan 2013...

via Apoorva Prakash Photography http://ift.tt/1RRg2cy


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